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These webpages contain the offers of cactus seeds. You can place your order during all of the year.


Please click here for information and terms to be used only by customers outside the Czech Republic. Please ask us for any other information you want to know (see the contact below).

Our nursery is a European company that is dedicated to produce seeds and plants especially with the known botanical origin. All of the items in our lists are cultural plants or seeds grown in the EU.

We send seeds to all countries on the world, any permits are not usually necessary. Plants can be sent to EU countries without any certification. Since 2018 we do issue export phytosanitary certificates for both seeds and plants. Please ask for this when you place the order. Be familiar with your important regulations and give us instructions.

Now we are able to accept payments via Credit Cards and PayPal which is one of the easiest and most frequent way to pay the order.

See our current seed list here. Thanks for your orders!
Seed List 2022/2023

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